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Alaska Beadery
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Beaded Barrette
Unique Beaded Barrettes

When ordering beads for a project, be sure to order more than you need.  Beads sell fast and you may not have the chance to re-order.

Alaska Beadery treasures the art of beading, values the importance of arts and crafts, and encourages you to experience the beauty of creativity.

Beads and Beaded Coaster

     Although we emphasize beading, we provide a quality arts and crafts gallery with variety.  Some items are more artistic than craft, and others are more craft than art.  Each item is created through careful workmanship or impressive artistic imagery.  We furnish some beading and arts and crafts lessons along with unique supplies, vintage buttons, and kits to provide hours of learning and entertainment.

     As a brief overview, you'll find barrettes, cross stitch, porcelain, wood arts, earrings, necklaces, custom orders, children's kits, crocheting, patterns, vintage buttons, old and new beads, free lessons, art lesson, and helpful tips.

     We offer a secure shopping cart, great customer service, and it's easy to contact us!

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Alaska Beadery
38 Venner Rd
Annerley QLD 4103
(07) 3848 3941

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